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The Lord has moved mightily among the people at national and international levels during the missionary trips.  Subsequently, the lives of many people and the structures of some churches have changed.  Leaders of churches and ministries have grasped a greater understanding of their function in the body of Christ and henceforth have shifted some of their approach to church life, the delivery of their message and their interactions with those whom they serve.  Church members have greatly expanded their knowledge of the Scriptures thus undergoing a transformation in their lifestyles and corporate worship experience.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, individuals have been set free from a multiplicity of bondages through training, discipleship and lay counseling.  Ministers and ministries have been birthed and others have been strengthened. The distribution of Bibles and other Christian materials in the Dominican Republic also contributes to the advancement of the ministry’s mission.  In addition, as the Lord has directed, “prayer walks” have been organized to pray on site with insight.

In 1998, after nine months of training, Hannah Ministries, Inc. sent its first intercessory prayer team to the Dominican Republic to conduct strategic levels of intercession during “prayer walks” in the cities and areas designated by the Lord, producing much good fruit. The ministry prepared worship teams from Ohio to participate in various Congresses in the Dominican Republic and were joined by local worshippers from diverse churches. Liturgical dance was introduced to some churches and training and equipping was provided to local liturgical dance teams. Students in Hannah Ministries, Inc.’s missionary training classes have exemplified changes in their lifestyles as they have grappled with, grasped, internalized and implemented principles of Kingdom citizenship, both through the classroom experience and the missionary field.

Dr. LaFayette Scales, Apostle, has served Hannah Ministries, Inc. as its Missions Assessor since the mid-1990s and has been the keynote speaker in the national and international leadership training Congresses since 1994.  Thamo Naidoo, Apostle from South Africa, served as a keynote speaker during the international leadership trainings on two occasions.  

In January 2007, Hannah Ministries, Inc. began interdenominational regional monthly worship and intercessory prayer gatherings in Columbus, Ohio.  The mission for this missionary assignment is to further equip Kingdom citizens in the greater Columbus area to be carriers of the presence of the Lord Jesus the Christ, pray-ers of His will and doers of His Word for the effective establishment and advancement of the Kingdom of God in the earth, both individually and corporately.  In addition, it is to hear what God is saying to our region in order to come into alignment with Him, in prayer and practice.  The message focus for the regional monthly gatherings is, “What is God saying to the body of Christ in the Greater Columbus area in this season and what strategies are to be executed to implement what He is saying?”

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